Hello 👋

My name is Jorge Gómez

I'm a Murcia based web developer focused on develop quality code

Work experience

Front-End Developer

@Zapp Studio

December 2022 - Present

I'm currently working on the front-end side of the company trying to write and deliver clean, quality and optimized code. My day to day stack is Angular, but I also use Vue and Nuxt according to the requirements of the work. I'm also working with Vuetify to style the applications as well as Bootstrap.

Web Developer


March 2022 - November 2022

I started in Capgemini as an intern, researching about Three.js and 3D development using Angular Three and NgRx. I have been working on a 3D project with animations, physics, collisions and state management. As the application was scaling, I decided to migrated the project from Angular to React to improve the performance with React Three Fiber library, using TypeScript, Redux, Node.js with Express and Mongo DB Atlas. During this time I tried to document all my code as well as I could. Because of that I created an onboarding Wiki for new employees to make it easy for them to start using the application. I have also worked with Tailwind CSS to style the entire application.

Tech Talks

Create your own metaverse with React Three Fiber

@Coworking Murcia Emprendedora

February 9, 2023 - 19:30