🎨 Set Up

With the aim of have a record about my dev world, I have prepared this post in which I have included all the things related with my set ups, editors, config and that stuff.

Set Up


My main editor is VS Code but I also have used IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorn and PyCharm. In general, I have installed the Vim extension in all of them, but in VS Code I also have these extensions:

Extension Extension
Auto Close Tag Auto Rename Tag
Error Lens Laravel-blade
HTML Snippets JavaScript (ES6) code snippets
Nord (theme) Open in browser
Remote WSL TODO Highlight
Vim Material Icon Theme
Docker ESLint
HTML CSS Support Live Server
Prettier Stylelint
Trailing Spaces Visual Studio IntelliCode
Color Highlight Nunjucks Template
Angular Files Angular Language Service
PHP Intelephense Twig Language
Laravel Extra Intellisense Laravel Blade Spacer


I have installed WSL in Windows 10 (Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS) with the following features:

package package
Vim Exa
Tmux Neofetch
Ruby version Manager (rvm) Node with nvm
Oh my zsh with robbyrussel theme Plugins: zsh auto suggestions, zsh syntax highlighting and zsh completions
ctop dry


Recently, I have started using and configure VIM 8. I think it's an editor with many possibilities and it have a workflow that suits me. It's for experimental purposes only, because although I have installed several plugins and configuration files, I still don't know how to use it properly.

plugin plugin
coc.nvim vim-devicons
vim-bundler vim-rails
nord-vim vim-airline
vim-airline-themes vim-dim
ack.vim ale
close-buffers ctrlp
echodoc editorconfig
emmet-vim FastFold
goyo nerdtree
pear-tree splitjoin
supertab tabular
tagbar undotree
vim-bookmarks vim-closetag
vim-endwise vim-fugitive
vim-gutter vim-indent-object
vim-numbertoggle vim-obsession
vim-polyglot vim-surround
vim-unimpaired vimwiki