Ciao! My name is Jorge Gómez, I am 31 years old and I'm currently living in Murcia, Spain. I studied building engineer at the UCAM university and later on I decided to move on Web Development studying a Higher Technical Qualification.

Thanks to these studies I have been able to learn the basics of programming and I have also learned on my own design patterns or software architectures.

Since then, I have decided to specialize, above all, in JavaScript technologies. Since I started the practices until today, I have worked mostly using Vue and React, creating user interfaces with Tailwind CSS. In addition to JavaScript, I also really like PHP, Laravel and Symfony. Also this year I hope to get some time to learn GO, because I have in mind some CLI applications that could be interesting. I am also an enthusiast of Vim and Neovim and, although I am not using these editors in my day to day life, I am in love with vim shortcuts.

In my spare time I take the time to learn new technologies through books, articles or videos. What I love most is software architecture, craftsmanship and design patterns. Thanks to books such as Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture or Pragmatic Programmer I have learned beyond just programming: code quality, testing, etc. Everything I am learning I always try to put it into practice in my side projects, there is always something to improve!

As you can see, software and my side projects occupies a large part of my life, although I also like to travel, reading, and above all, mechanical keyboards. And of course... I also like to enjoy the weekend with my family and friends cooking some pizzas! 🍕