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I don’t know why but in the last weeks I felt the desiree to know more about the classic Mac Operating System. I think this was because in my web development two-year course I have started to work with Virtual Box and different O.S. such as Linux or Windows Server.

Anyway, I tried to install MacOS classic versions on my virtual machine but I felt unlucky when I checked that only support Mac OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard). You can check it out here, in this link.

After a litter Google research I found a classic Mac OS emulator called Mini vMac that works with early Macintosh computers (from Apple computers from 1984 to 1996). Thats include the version that I tried, Apple Macintosh 7.5.

Thanks to Archive.org I was able to donwload Apple 7.5.3 from this link.

Getting Started with Mini vMac

Luckly, the Mini vMac web as plenty of resources and tutorias for setting up the emulator. You only need to follow the steps describe in the previously link.

In order to run the emulator you need a file called vMac.ROM that you need to copy from your original Macintosh Plus (but you can also get it with a simple search on Google).

Once yo have the emulator and the file required, you need to descompress all in the same folder. After that, the process is very simple:

The Macintosh will start and in a few seconds you will see the Mac desktop. Once this is done, the next step is to run some applications.

Testing Some Applications

To be honest, I only have tried the basic applications such as games and apps like ‘Paint’. I haven’t studied the O.S. in deepth, and I don’t know how Macintosh really works but this try give me the chance to discover an old O.S.

Through this Archive.org page you can discover a wide variety of games an utilities.

My first steps were playing the classic Civilization game. I was really surprised with the fact that the game was very amusing. The controls, the layout of the O.S. Probably that was because it was my first time with an Apple O.S.

On the other hand, I tried the Apple version of Paint (I’m sorry, I am a Windows user) and it was surprised my too. I was very conscious with the efforts and the design decisions put in the O.S. such as the fonts of the program, the different patterns or the tools inside the program.

To Sum Up

I didn’t explore all the possibilities of the Operating System at all. I only played with some features an utilities due to my poor knowledge about Apple’s O.S. I have been impressed by the quality of the operating system considering that it is from the 80s. It would be interesting to continue using the O.S., although I think that where it can be used the most is in the use of classic games.